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How to Consign
We accept items by season and by drop-off appointment only, except for our walk-in weeks. During walk-in weeks you can drop off once (1) without a scheduled appointment but only for the requested items.

Our store runs based on two seasons:
Spring/Summer (accepted January - April)
Fall/Winter (accepted June - October).

How it all Works
1. If you are not a Royal Club Member, you are permitted 1 appointment per season, and up to 60 items total.

2. Schedule a Drop-off Appointment using our Online Schedule.

3. Check out the How to Prepare page for more details on how to bring in your items.

4. Make sure your items are not stained, ripped, too worn, or recalled.

5. Remove hangers.

6. Put clothes in matching sets by brand and sizes (please do not safety pin these items together; this may cause a small pin hole).

7. Make sure your items are no older than 5 years.

Next Steps:

LL&L (Little Lords and Ladies) performs multiple, on-site quality checks under very bright lights. In addition, we label all bins and large items so they don't get mixed up in storage. When you drop off please plan on waiting 10 to 15 minutes while we spot check your drop-off items. We will return to you same day any "no thank yous" that do not pass our initial inspection.

It takes us 6 to 8 weeks to wade through the queue. Any "no thank yous" will either be returned to you or donated to local charities (you can receive a donation receipt), based on the option you choose.

We enter acceptable items into our system, and we send an e-mail listing your accepted items and starting prices.

  • Look for "RECVD" (Date Received) in the far left, showing when your consignment period begins.
  • Typical consignment periods are 60 days.
  • A pickup date will appear on the far right, reflecting when you may retrieve your items.

Please note if you do not pick up your expired items within two (2) weeks after your pickup date the items will either be donated or become the property of LL&L.

You can check your account online 24/7. When logging in for the first time, your e-mail address is also your password.

Pricing Policies:
  • Prices are set by LL&L and are usually based on brand name and condition.
  • You receive 40-60% of the sold price (prices can change due to current sales and/or other discounts).
  • Prices decrease 25%, and 50% after 30, and 60 days respectively.

Getting Paid:

  • Consignors must call or email at least 24 hours in advance to let LL&L staff know when they would like to pick up their check. This is to ensure a manager is available to prepare the check.
  • Check amounts are limited to $300 per month.
  • Checks can be picked up beginning on the 8th of every month and will include sales up to the end of the of the prior month.
  • Consignors who walk in will not be able to receive a check without scheduling a pickup date.
  • Checks are void 90 days after issue.
  • A ten dollar ($10) fee will be charged to reissue expired or lost checks.
  • If requested, LL&L management can mail checks to consignors at the end of the month. Please confirm your mailing address with LL&L staff when requesting a check to be mailed.